Break dancing groups groove on campus

Erin Peck

Alumni Hall was transformed into “The Hotspot” as Q-Unit (Quinnipiac’s break dancing club) and Dance Mode performed to a local DJ, sponsored by PRSSA.

“I was inspired to do this event because I am friends with the president of Q-Unit and I wanted to promote his club,” said Stephanie Gonzalez, a sophomore public relations major and SGA liaison for PRSSA.

Breakaz Delight, a break dancing club out of Hamden, also showed off skills during the event.

Tim Cenabre, a freshman undeclared major, spoke about the lack of outlets for break dancers in the area.

“We just get together for fun and whenever an event comes along we get together and perform,” Cenabre said.

“This wasn’t necessarily a fundraiser,” Lauren Arthur, a junior public relations major and PRSSA’s president-elect, said. “We just wanted to have a fun event for the Quinnipiac community with free food and music.”

Gonzalez said that although it is important to get the PRSSA name out on campus. She also wanted to support Q-Unit because they are a new club and deserve recognition.

“We wanted to do one event with a hip hop theme and a more relaxed atmosphere,” Gonzalez said.

Erica Gargallo, a senior sociology major, was glad she came to the event “to support PRSSA and Q-Unit because I think they are two organizations that contribute a lot to the Quinnipiac community.”

“We haven’t done an event for another on-campus organization, and it’s exciting to finally get our name out there as well as other organizations,” said Brittney Castine, a sophomore public relations major and PRSSA member.