Rave: New additions in the cafeteria

Kellie Mason

Have you ever found yourself craving sushi but had no way of getting to a restaurant? Do you ever just want a milkshake but don’t have any spare cash? Well fear no more, Quinnipiac has really stepped up their game. Students have noticed a few improvements to everyday QU living with a sushi bar and milkshake machine in the cafeteria on main campus.

The sushi bar, located next to the deli sandwich station, has been quite popular since moving in last week. You’re able to choose from a variety of sushi rolls, including the traditional rolls: California roll and avocado roll; but if you’re a raw fish enthusiast, a Quinnipiac roll may be something you’d enjoy. The rolls are made fresh right in front of you and preparation time is less than 10 minutes. Granted, the line is long, but it’s worth it. I suggest getting to the line at an odd lunch or dinner time. They’re very filling so even if you’re not eating at your normal dining hours, you’ll leave the cafeteria satisfied.

If you’re trying to appease your sweet tooth and the candy buckets won’t help or the hard ice cream just isn’t cutting it, then head on over to the do-it-yourself, individual milkshake machine next to the soups.

There are about five flavors to choose from including strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, cookies and cream, mint-chip and coffee. The frozen treat is mixed in a machine for two minutes and then it’s ready to be enjoyed. They don’t last long so make sure to get them while they’re hot – or cold. Pick one up on the way to your all night study session in the library or as a reward for acing that midterm last week.