Students urged to help write historical record

Jamie DeLoma

By Jamie DeLoma

Editor in Chief

Students have the opportunity before them to help become part of Quinnipiac history, volunteers are welcome.

Dr. Stanley S. Katz, professor of allied health sciences, invites both current students and alumni to contribute old photo albums, yearbooks, newspapers, journals, recordings or any other form of record to a new committee currently being formed on campus that he will lead.

Katz, who was recently named university historian, is working towards creating a record of what life at the university is like now and was like in the past.

Although he is retiring from teaching at the end of the academic year after 54 years, Katz will start a new chapter in his own history as he will begin and subsequently manage a university archival system. In addition, Katz will begin to coordinate the preparation of an official university history.

Katz first came to the university in 1951 and is the university’s most senior faculty member.

For more information, please contact Katz at [email protected]