Rave: Alex and Ani, a bangle just for us

Caroline Moses

After more than a year of checking online and tweeting at the company, Alex and Ani finally released a Quinnipiac charm bracelet last week. The company made the announcement via its blog, stating it was “excited once again to announce that there are more additions” to its popular Collegiate Collection. Quinnipiac, along with schools like Florida State University, Roger Williams, Syracuse and the University of Virginia, all have a customized charm bracelet that depicts some variation of each school’s logo or crest. The Quinnipiac charm joins 53 other U.S. colleges and universities in the Collegiate Collection.

Alex and Ani bracelets are nothing new on campus, with girls collecting and stacking the extendable metal bracelets, which can adjust to any wrist size. Each bracelet or charm tends to represent something about the person – and charms range from religion, sororities and states to positive quotes, family bonds and sports teams. It was only a question of when Quinnipiac would join the in the arm candy craze that’s been sported on everyone’s wrist since last Fall.

The new bracelet, which is available – like all other Alex and Ani products – in either Russian Gold or Russian Silver, quickly went out of stock on the company’s website, only four days after the initial bracelet release. There’s no doubt that we’ll see our paws on the wrist of every “Bobkitten” in no time.