Real World: Jobless? You are not alone

Sara Gorelick

On May 22, thousands of seniors will be crossing the bridge from Quinnipiac and enter the “real world.”

Contrary to what many parents think, a majority of today’s seniors do not have a set plan for after graduation. Graduating in four years appears to be a feat in itself, but to get a substantial job in today’s economy and competitive world is the true challenge. Reality tends to set in when a young adult realizes that he or she may not have a direct route for his or her future.

For those not going to grad school, this is the first time that there won’t be an acceptance letter coming to the mailbox detailing the next year of their life. Just months before graduation, seniors are beginning to feel the pressure about what will come next.

While students resort to such job search engines as Monster or Career Builder, not all are fortunate enough to find what they are looking for. These sites can be deceiving. Requests for marketing majors can turn into desires for solicitors selling half-price tickets at comedy clubs (which seniors will remember from the hassling in the caf