Seniors are forgotten long before graduation

Tara Yusko

The last time I checked it was only the beginning of March, not May 22.

So why does it appear that Quinnipiac’s administration does not care for its departing class of 2005 and many students of its class of 2006? Those of us who were forced to live off campus are spread throughout Hamden, Wallingford, New Haven, Cheshire and North Haven. And yet, we still had to drive in the snow come to campus at 9 a.m. last Tuesday thanks to an hour delay.

An hour delay? Why even bother? Thanks, but no thanks. I couldn’t put my foot on the gas pedal without skidding.

“I skidded like 85 thousand times on my way here for class,” said junior rory Condon This is a bit overdramatic yes, but for some people just one skid can be a traumatic experience.

The majority of commuters are 18 to 22 years old, which makes them inexperienced winter drivers. But, for some reason you administrators must think we are professionals since you make us drive on half paved, icy roads, to attend class.

If the University is open, then we are expected to be here. However, professors can make the decision to cancel their classes, but we cannot. What about the professors who have strict attendance policies? The number of excused absences barely covers winter weather and sickness, since the flu has been quite abundant this year without a vaccine. Most professors do not take weather into consideration when missing a class.

Do you have a conscience? Not everyone drives an SUV or a car with 4-wheel drive. All roads besides Whitney Ave. and Mount Carmel Ave. were barely plowed because most of the public schools in the area were closed.

Rumor has it the reason we opened at 9 a.m. last Tuesday was because of the women’s basketball game taking place that evening. If this is the truth, that’s pathetic. You’re willing to put all these lives in danger for a basketball game? For shame! This is Quinnipiac…not UConn.

What about next year when the present junior class is forced off campus, a class larger than the current senior class? If anything take that number of students into consideration when making your decisions next year.

If there is honestly a student who complains about cancelling classes because they do not feel they are getting their money’s worth as stated in the article last week, then that person is obviously not a commuter. If you’re one of these people, the next time there is inclement weather, the public schools in the area are closed and the University is open, take a drive on any other street besides Whitney Ave and see what it’s like for those of us forced to live off campus. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. Please commuters, voice your frustration and respond to this article.