Rave: Man Uggs

Andy Landolfi

As the scathing heat of summer gently fades into the briskness of fall, you will begin to notice the abundance of naked toes slowly beginning to dwindle away. As the summer warmth dissipates, so will the number of people walking across campus with the all too familiar sound of sandals slapping against the heels of their feet.

In the place of sandals, you will begin to notice the chestnut felt of Uggs. Yes, just as the changing of leaves signifies the end of summer, so too do Uggs. Oh yeah, and the man Uggs.

For some reason a certain connotation has developed that keeps men from wearing Uggs. Maybe it is pride, or maybe it is just stupidity. I would like to think that it is ignorance. In this case, however, ignorance may not be bliss. Blissfulness, when it comes to man Uggs, is solely reserved for those who tore down the stigma and have experienced the life changing moment of slipping your foot into an Ugg.

I am here to say, gentlemen (because most ladies already know) that Uggs are not something to run from, but rather embrace. The winter months bring out in us a yearning for constant comfort and coziness. The oversized sweatpants and gigantic hoodies wrapped around bodies attempting to stay warm during winter attest to this. What better way to add to the comfort than purchasing a pair of Uggs? I promise you won’t regret it.

So gentlemen, it may be time to (after temporarily putting away your man cards) buy a pair of Uggs. Go against the general tide and opt to treat your toes to something nice this winter. And don’t worry, you won’t be alone – I’m already on my second pair.