Paul & Eddy’s Pizza

Location: 1630 Whitney Ave. in Hamden.

Genre: Pizzeria

Ambiance: Typical pizza place, brightly lit, clean and seems like a place where everyone knows your name.

Service: Eating in is not their main focus, so service was a little on the slow side, though not bad.

Food Presentation: Presented on pizza plates that take up a lot of table space. (We recommend sitting at a big table).

Food Quality: Food was hot and very tasty. Pizza was a very very thin crust. Menu ranged from grinders to salads to pizza or calzone.

Price: $5-$10

Kelly says: Their small calzone took up half a pizza tray, but was very delicious. I would definitely go back and maybe even order delivery.

Kate says: The food was very good, and it reminded me of a place I order from all the time at home. I was impressed by the cleanliness of the restaurant as well.

Overall rating for the diner experience: 4 out of 5