Keep Saturday night parties on campus

Rob Ettman

As I observed the tours that were going on around campus this past week, I thought back to when I was in high school and taking the tour of Quinnipiac. But now, over halfway through my sophomore year there was one thing that they clearly forget to tell you on the tour and that is the epidemic that happens on this campus every Saturday night called Toad’s Place.

On Saturday nights, I sometimes forget that I am on a college campus. Dorm Road is almost empty and the people who choose not to go to Toad’s are stuck here with hardly any parties going on because everybody decides to go into New Haven. Who says that the party has to be at Toad’s on Saturdays? Why can’t all of the student body join together and conquer this epidemic?

After the Red Sox beat the Yankees, many people on this campus left their dorms and traveled to the Quad and shortly after that, right onto Dorm Road just to celebrate and have fun. I for one was in my room depressed, but for a few brief minutes, the people on this campus took advantage of a great situation and collectively partied as one. We have the ability to do this. Security can not do anything to a mob of people partying together on a given night. We don’t need a fluke Red Sox victory or May Weekend as excuses.

But still many people choose to start an exodus off-campus and go to Toad’s. If popping your collar and dancing to such great tunes like “Candyshop” is the typical good night, then I guess I have been living under a rock for the last two years.

But in essence, Toad’s is the one thing that brings our weekends down. Many people look forward to it, but imagine what could happen if everyone stayed on campus and partied together.

Now maybe I am giving Toad’s a bad rap for no reason. Perhaps the grimy atmosphere, watered-down drinks and stuffiness is what people want on a Saturday night and I’m just misunderstood. But what I do know if something ever happens to Toad’s then it would be the best thing to ever happen to Quinnipiac because then, and only then, can we become a real college and have some real parties. We all want the same thing, now let’s just do it.