Wreck: Where is the AC?

Katherine Chirillo

Sweating right when you get out of the shower is not the most enjoyable of experiences. Especially when it’s happening every day of the week. Awkwardly falling asleep with a fan on your face wouldn’t be in the top five either. There also seems to be a constant sheen of perspiration that needs to be dealt with on a day-to-day basis, and let’s agree that’s not the best confidence booster. If comfort is your only concern, forget about it. Everywhere on campus students are complaining about the high levels of humidity.

Where can students seek comfort from this stifling heat? Certainly not where they are housing. On the Mount Carmel campus there is only one residence hall that provides air-conditioning and that is The Hill. Only available to sophomores, these apartments are the most requested. For the majority of underclassmen the total residential rate for 2013-2014 is $7,125 a semester. Would it kill the university to equip the other residence halls with much needed relief in the form of air conditioning?

Moving everything back on campus and into new rooms was hard enough, but now there’s the task of merely moving around the common areas or trying to sleep at night. If you’re one whose mood is shaped by the weather, or you’re just blessed with central air at home, then it goes without saying it’s been a rough start to this fall semester. All there seems to be is the hope that the fall weather comes soon and replaces this problematic moisture.