Rave: Smoothie Station at Bobcat Den

Samantha Moore

Do not let the scorching Connecticut heat and humidity get you down, instead, thanks to the Bobcat Den, get a cold, refreshing smoothie!

The Bobcat Den, known by students on campus as “The Ratt,” has gotten a new addition that is making quite the positive stir among students. Now, located in the upstairs corner, next to the ice cream freezer, is a smoothie bar. The smoothie bar, known as FANS, offer students a variety of different healthy choices. The smoothies can become completely tailored around what you want. This means, that each time you go, you can get something different.

Want an extra boost after your workout? For an extra 50 cents, add some protein! Feeling sick? For an extra 50 cents, add an immune booster! They’ll even let you double up or get more than one. You just tap your QCard and the money than just comes right off of it from your meal plan money account.

Different fruit and flavor mixtures, such as strawberry, banana and pina colada, can also be mixed in. The menu, which is displayed on the wall, allows you to choose from predesigned choices. You can also substitute in different items for others. For example, instead of yogurt, you can substitute in ice cream. There’s also an option which will let you select what you want to mix together.

Next time you’re walking down Bobcat Way, make a pit stop at “The Ratt.” Don’t just get a Mondo’s sub or a cookie like usual, instead, break away from your routine and try one of the smoothies. Trust me, you’ll be craving another one right after you take your first sip.