Alison James discusses her breakup survival guide

Jenn Press

Cupid struck his arrow, and missed, and now you are left with a hole in your heart and nowhere to turn. Breakups are painful but can be mended with time, TLC and a good read. Alison James’ witty take on post break up coping skills is portrayed in her book, “I Used to Miss Him…But My Aim is Improving: Not Your Ordinary Breakup Survival Guide.”

This bible for young women everywhere is filled with tips, quotes, fun facts, lists and a glossary filled with catch phrases.

James took the initiative to let her voice be heard by turning her heartaches into lessons learned and reaching out to women during times of need. With her recent engagement, James is living proof that a happy ending is possible, despite ones trials and tribulations of love.

James described her book, as a breakup survival guide for women.

“It offers practical advice with a sassy twist. When I was going through tough breakups, none of the books out there on the market reflected my real feelings,” James said.

Even when a woman is totally rational, it is hard to feel that way with a broken heart. “Of course we want to be able to do the right thing and take the higher ground like a lot of self-help author’s advice, but the reality is that often times you don’t feel that composed after a breakup. You really just want to rip the guy’s head off. So I thought women would get a big kick out of a book that combined real advice with humor and a “rip his head off twist,” James said.

Writing about men gives James quite the insight to what she does and does not like.

“Obviously, any kind of serious drug or alcohol problem is a deal breaker. Also anybody who cheats is off my list entirely.” James said.

James believes men don’t change much and if they cheat once, they’ll cheat again and they are probably dishonest in other areas of their lives.

When time to throw caution to the wind, James feels the most fearless she has been when it came down to telling her fianc