Political correctness out of control in America

Rob Ettman

Why are some Americans such babies? Ever since last year’s wardrobe malfunction at the Super Bowl, millions of people have been contacting the FCC about things that they believe are offensive. And even though this year’s Super Bowl was tamed down to make sure no one could possibly be offended by any of the material shown, people still managed to find material to be offended with.

This year’s most complained about part of the Super Bowl was surprisingly not the GoDaddy.com ad which showed a model losing a strap to her shirt while testifying in front of a grand jury, but instead was during Paul McCartney’s halftime show. You read that right, the former Beatle who was brought in to perform during halftime to bring it credibility, brought also the most complaints. The reason: because during his second song, the Beatles hit “Get Back” there are lyrics that refer to “that California grass.”

This is just ridiculous. Those lyrics, which have been a part of rock n’ roll history and has been played on the radio for years, is now being complained against by some over-protecting parents who truly believe that if their children hear those lyrics, they will be tempted to try that California grass. People who find that line offensive should have all their rights taken away and be deported from this country out of stupidity.

Another complaint during the Super Bowl came from an ad in which everyone was staring at a guy walking down the street, including one of the members of Queer Eye For The Straight Guy who was also staring at him. You can always count on the homophobes to complain about something so trivial like that.

What is scary is that these complaints will actually result in the FCC handing down sanctions and punishments for material as non-offensive as this. In fact, George W. Bush just urged the FCC to be tougher in its punishments stating that they have a right to protect America’s families from inappropriate material. My solution is to just tell these parents to not let their kids watch it if they believe it’s inappropriate. Why have all of us normal people suffer because of some people who can not take a few jokes or drug references?

This brings me to the biggest and most putrid censorship so far this decade. The state of Mississippi just recently banned The Daily Show’s new book America: The Book in all their libraries, because of the game they include in the book which has the Supreme Court Justices naked, and you have to cut out their robes and put it on them. From now on, the New York Times number one bestseller for almost two months will not be found in any library in Mississippi. Leave it to the state where its residences can barely spell the state they live in, to ban a book because of “lewd” material.

To ban a book could quite possibly be the least American thing that can ever be done in this country. To censor something that was able to be written because of our First Amendment’s freedom of speech makes the entire idea of American democracy almost non-existent. The state of Mississippi should be ashamed of itself and if it continues to ban books then it should do the rest of us a favor and secede from this union because that is not what America is all about.

People who complain to the FCC about the material they see on television or hear on the radio should really stop being such pansies and grow up. If there is something that you might not like then deal with it and boycott the show. Just do not file complaints and demand that something be done because the rest of us, who can take jokes, do not need to have our entertainment censored. Grow up America before we lose all ability to express ourselves any way we want to.