New release ‘In Good Company’ offers humorous look inside corporate world

Anne Wrobel

As most of us think about our near future and possible jobs, we also encounter various reactions about what these new business ventures may entail.

While many shudder at the thought of “growing up” and not having the security blanket called mom and dad, some are overly anxious to take on new challenges and be moneymakers. From director Paul Weitz of “About at Boy” comes “In Good Company,” a film about deciding what is more important to a person, a successful job or a fulfilling life.

The film stars Topher Grace [“That’s 70’s Show”] as Carter Duryea, a 26-year-old businessman in marketing who receives a promotion to become the new boss of former 51-year-old marketing vice president Dan Foreman played by Dennis Quaid [“The Rookie”]. When this switch of authority occurs both characters tackle with how to make of their new positions. Carter feels as if he has taken more than he can swallow, while Dan does not feel challenged enough by being second best.

In the middle of these two men lies a young woman, Alex Foreman, played by Scarlett Johanssen [“Girl With a Pearl Earring”]. Johanssen’s role has her acting as a daughter, a girlfriend and a mediator between Carter and Dan. As Carter and Dan try to adjust to the changes in their lives, Alex contemplates her own and touches the heart of Carter as the two of them have a love affair.

The film exposes the truth about the choices we make and their consequences in a funny, quirky format. As one young man tries to handle an overwhelming new job position and the next direction he wants to take in life, another man contemplates what he has lived his life for.

“In Good Company” is a heartfelt movie, which will make anyone go out and make a bold move.

“In Good Company” is in theaters now from Universal Pictures. The film is rated PG-13 and has a running time of 109 minutes.