Facilitating change

Nancy Hall

Evolution is constant at Quinnipiac University, and a huge contributor to this change is the facilities department. From minor repair work to major renovation projects, facilities sees that the university is always at its peak performance.

The facilities department is constantly busy as they work around campus to improve the overall function, appearance and accessibility of locations within QU’s boundaries.

In addition to retouching paint everywhere from the offices in Admissions to the Bobcat Den, the department recently added four new exterior doors to the south side of Tator Hall and carpeted the locker area in the law school.

These are some of the routine areas in which Keith Woodward and the facilities staff work. Woodward, associate director of facilities and member of the class of ’88, has been with the department since his graduation.

Speaking of the facilities department, Woodward said, “We’ve got a great group of men and women who do a lot of work for us.” This praise was not unwarranted.

Over the past semester and winter break, the department has played a major role in the relocation of the Albert Schweitzer Institute from the College of Liberal Arts Complex Building 2 to a house on the corner of New Road and Mt. Carmel Ave. They have also contributed to the caf