May Weekend semi-formal rescheduled

Dana Owen

Even though it is only December, SGA feels that it is not too early to begin thinking about May Weekend.

May Weekend at Quinnipiac takes place in April, when the university grounds are transformed into a carnival-like atmosphere. There are food stands, games, activities, such as sumo wrestling and a mechanical bull, free giveaways, face painting and a whole lot of partying.

The weekend also includes a semi-formal dance that is normally held on Saturday night, an event that causes a conflict for some students.

“We had been getting a lot of feedback from students about the semi-formal on May Weekend,” Dennis Kisyk, SGA president, said. “Many students were forced to choose between spending Saturday night on campus and having to go off campus to the semi.”

As a result, SGA felt that changing the date of the dance would resolve the problem.

“We thought that it would be best to move the semi one week earlier so that everyone gets to participate in all the May Weekend events and there’s no conflict with also wanting to go to the semi,” Kisyk said.

Kisyk feels that there are additional benefits to having the dance earlier.

“Another benefit is that there is a much stricter guest policy during May Weekend, and we’d avoid any issues by having [it] a week earlier,” Kisyk said.

Since the dance is no longer being held during May Weekend, SGA felt that a new title for the semi-formal was in order.

As a result, a contest is being held to give QU students a chance to enter potential names for the dance. The winner will receive two free tickets to the semi-formal.

“Obviously we can’t call it ‘The May Weekend Semi-Formal’ anymore, so we thought it would be a fun and creative way to get input on the new name and to involve more students in the process,” Kisyk said.

Contest entries will be accepted through January and can be submitted at a table that will be set up in the caf