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Facebook addiction spreads

Students with bags under their eyes and distressed looks on their faces are not responding to work overload. No. No. They are reacting to lack of sleep from being unable to tear themselves away from their computers after giving into the obsession of facebook.

I’ll never forget the day I received the news, that we in fact, were part of this world. I was filled with a mixture of emotions, as I decided how to handle myself.

I have to admit, I’ve been skeptical about this from the beginning. Friends from other schools were on it, making connections near and far, and telling me just how left out I should feel that Quinnipiac was so far behind with its electronic correspondence. I never thought I’d conform. But, like with everything, I gave it a try, and now, I can’t get enough.

Common phrases of “Hey, I stalk your life” ring through the cafe, as familiar conversations debate to poke or not to poke, and the rebirth of old friendships which facebook is responsible for. Students reminisce as kindergarten buddies and ex lovers come out of the woodwork to befriend us.

If we saw them on the street, I’m sure they would walk the other way, and it is fairly certain these people would never send an IM, never mind make a phone call, but facebook friendships seem to have an entire new set of rules.

First off, if someone pokes you, and you don’t poke them back, it’s just rude. It’s a true slap in the face to the poker who has blatantly made an effort to acknowledge your profile.

Now, for the wall. Well, the wall is a little more tricky. It does not require a response as much as a ‘message’ does, because these are mainly ways for friends and admirers to express their feelings of you for all to see. Inside jokes are welcome. The more the merrier. Whatever can be done to make onlookers feel completely out of the loop. That’s the point.

Were you ever picked last in gym class? I was. In fact, I wasn’t picked. I was obligatorily placed on the team. That’s what’s so great about facebook. It’s a reunion so all those people I went to elementary school with can see that I am now a little more athletic than I was before. Look how far I’ve come.

It’s also a great way to tell how successful people have been throughout the years. You find out a lot about people’s personality by their profile including whether or not they are dating someone, the music they listen to, books they read (or the fact that they clearly do not read), and the kind of voice they are trying to portray.

Facebook is also beneficial for those who want to improve their leadership skills. Members can create their own groups, and descriptions, and then have the power to accept or reject who they want to join. This only brings back few flashbacks of those rejected in high school, so this sounds like a great plan for the self-esteem.

The creators can be president of any group they like; having the ability to oversee a variety of people from all over the college universe who share their interests. So, even though pieces of me are still a bit torn (due to the amount of these relationships that are only pursued through the site, and not in real life) I truly am a fan.

I think I’ll start a facebook addicts support group. I’ll list the club as a link on my page, since I know that’s where the potential members will be.

Facebook is life. The rest is just details.

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