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    Keeping in touch with friends from home

    “Time, sometimes the time just slips away, and you’re left with yesterday, Left with the memories, I, I’ll always think of you and smile.” “Please Remember” by LeAnn Rimes.

    Keeping in touch with friends back home when at college is not easy to do when you are away at school.

    Time slips away. A demanding academic schedule makes it difficult to find the balance between college and a social life.

    Left with the memories of yesterday you begin to wonder how you lost touch with your best friends from back home.

    Your friends think of you as often as you think of them, and both of you smile when you think of times shared together.

    Jaclyn Rey, sophomore public relations major said, “I like to always know what’s going on back home.” Last weekend her best friend Gary visited Quinnipiac and took care of her when she was sick.

    “He can’t believe this is where I am when he talks to me on the phone,” said Rey with a smile.

    Rey says it was nice to have a familiar face and familiar voice from home. She said she looks forward to, “being able to relive the memories you took away when you went to school.”

    Not everyone remains as close with friends at home, sometimes time gets in the way.

    “Honestly, it’s really hard to find time to call back and talk to people. I don’t even have much time to hang out with people here,” said Christopher Weaver who is a sophomore pre-med major.”

    Scott Simon, a sophomore accounting major said, “I only keep in touch with a select group from home, but we talk all the time and I see them at least two or three times a semester.”

    Keeping in touch can be hard but there are lots of easy ways to say a quick hello to a friend you miss back home.

    Nicole Penchansky, a sophomore Spanish major said she loves to leave her friends fun voice messages and e-mails. She suggests saving voice messages to cheer yourself up on a sad day.

    Brian Conforti prefers to use the phone. “I try to keep in touch as much as I can. I call my family and talk to my brother everyday,” said Conforti who is a sophomore media productions major.

    Instant messaging is a great alternative to long phone conversations. Everyone is always online. It is easy to read away messages see what friends are doing and leave quick notes when you need to take a break from doing homework. Most likely your friends need a break too and the interruption is welcome.

    Over Thanksgiving break spend time catching up with friends. Here are five easy and fun things to do with friends you miss back home. 1. Going for a long drive, talking and listening to your favorite songs. 2. Getting coffee, dinner or dessert. 3. Go Holiday shopping together. 4. Go to event at your old high school. 5. Watch movies all night in your best friend’s basement, just like in high school.

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