…And some thoughts on what to look for in Bush’s second term

Nate Sharir

With the 2004 national election behind us, we will once again be under the presidency of George W. Bush. Over the past four years, Bush has led us in the direction that will allow us to witness a restructuring of the Middle East. He also helped us pull together as a nation in order to get through the tragic events of 9/11.

In the course of the next four years, he will continue to lead us in the right direction in hopes of establishing a “safer world and a more hopeful future.” During his victory speech after being declared president for his second term, Bush said that he will attempt to earn our trust and acceptance. In an attempt to work for creating new opportunities for a higher education, Bush will make there be more chances for reading and math skills for students.

This will eventually lead to more jobs for American workers as he will provide money for higher employment rates for workers for schools and community colleges. This enables there to be larger numbers of skilled workers and educated students present in American schools.

Bush’s re-election will also see him taking part in helping the status of American families. Under his new platform, Bush will allow more health care be accessible to families. This enables more American families to receive medical treatment and care. Also, to his credit, Bush will extend funding for programs involving drug testing in public schools. This allows parents higher opportunities for helping their children overcome peer pressure in public schools.

It is also important to consider that Bush will try his best to improve conditions for American soldiers that are on the sidelines doing their part to fight terrorism. Bush hopes to reinforce American soldiers and their military techniques in an effort to further vanquish the external threat of terrorists on our country.

Furthermore, Bush plans on strengthening our forces overseas, as well as helping families who have loved ones in the United States Army. Hopefully, with this amount of support, Bush’s stance on the protection of America will help lead to a more secure world.

There is a need for Bush to make some important concessions for his second term as President. One such concession is that he should allow stem cell research and same sex marriages to be in effect and not let his views on religion interfere with them. Stem cell research is very important for those who need it, and Bush’s stance on religion should not come in the way of this serious issue. Also, same sex marriages should not be controlled by the government, and should be allowed for those who want it. Bush has to be able to put his negative thoughts on these issues behind him, and work to separate church and state.

It is in my prediction that within the period of the next four years, Bush will work hard in order to preserve the quality of American lifestyles so we can continue functioning as a country.