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    Colder weather,

    As leaves continue to fall and the temperature steadily decreases, fewer people are seen running, walking or jogging down Dorm Road for exercise.

    Although less people are seen working out, there are still dedicated workout fanatics. These students find the time and energy to continue their workout regimens throughout the cold winter. They are motivated by the visible and psychological benefits.

    Everyone knows that working out keeps your heart healthy and body looking slim and fit. Another benefit to working out daily, or a few times a week, is an increased energy level.

    Meaghan Lamothe, junior finance major, tries to go to the gym five days a week, but always goes at least four. She finds that the days she works out, she has much more energy than the days she does not. Lamothe also does not allow herself to use the excuse of not having time to go.

    “Even if I try the ‘I was really busy excuse,’ chances are I wasted at least an hour that day watching TV or on AIM,” Lamothe said.

    Others have strict workout schedules that they follow loyally. Kimberley Nash, sophomore psychology major, said she is addicted to working out and trying to eat healthy.

    “I love running and staying fit,” Nash said. “I like hiking and being outdoors, so in order to stay in shape, I have to keep a strict regimen and go to the gym at least five to seven days a week.”

    Junior Christine Simons, interactive digital design major, is on the Quinnipiac Dance Mode and finds herself working out occasionally when she has time and not too many practices. Simons has one to three practices a week, depending on upcoming performances. On lighter weeks, she uses the gym as a stress reliever.

    “Sometimes the gym can be therapeutic, and helps me relieve stress,” Simons said. “There are days I’m so stressed out with classes and other things. I need to get it out at the gym.”

    When it comes to fitness, diet is just as important as making the time to workout. Many college students have a hard time making healthy choices when it comes to food selection, even if they are strict with working out.

    Pete Gallay, junior media production major, eats healthy compared to what many of his peers eat. A large salad from the caf

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