Love & Relationship

Dear Sara and Dear Ricky

Dear Ricky and Sara,
Before I had a boyfriend I always said I would never become one of those girls who always hangs out with her boyfriend. Now that my boyfriend and I have gotten closer, I always seem to hang out with him, and I’ve never been happier. My friends, on the other hand, said that I have become that girl I didn’t want to be. How can I find balance of pleasing friends and hanging out with my boyfriend who I love?
Thanks a bundle.
-Trapeze artist

Dear Trapeze artist,
Everyone likes the carnival, but only for so long. In one ring, you have the loving boyfriend, and in the other, your friends. There needs to be balance, but it shouldn’t be this hard. Who here doesn’t understand you? No one should be jeopardizing your time. Is your boyfriend too needy? Or is it your friends that want your attention? Don’t get mad at your friends or your boyfriend- they all just want to be around you. But remember, good friends will stay with you, boyfriend or not. If you keep your friends in the cage at a distance, they won’t be there for you if things don’t work out with your boyfriend. Then who will you have? Don’t wind up the bearded lady!
Good luck