President Bush needs another terrorist attack against America

Rob Ettman

Now that America is lucky enough to have Operation Iraqi Screw-up back in office for another four years, it is time to look ahead at what this administration is going to do in that time. Elections in Iraq now might not go on as previously planned, Osama Bin Laden has resurfaced and 48 percent of this country still disapproves of Bush’s plans.

So what does Bush need now to get his approval ratings back up to where they were after 9/11? The answer is simple. He needs another 9/11 to happen so he and his administration can show how big and bad they are once more.

I am not hoping for another terrorist attack to happen, but I do feel that the administration would want another one to happen because that is what they have been campaigning for. Every stop Dick Cheney made in this campaign, he stressed how another attack is imminent and there is no way we can stop it and how they will be the right people in charge for when that happens. Well if another attack is imminent, then what is this war on terror doing exactly?

Cheney went so far as to say in his rally in Hawaii that another Pearl Harbor can happen. The scare tactic has worked to their advantage and they want something bad to happen to show that they were right and that they can piggyback us to safety.

If you look closely, the parts of this country that is most in danger of being attacked voted against Bush. New York, California, Illinois (for Chicago) and Washington D.C. all voted for Kerry. The people in these states felt comfortable with a change in power and they have the biggest chance of being attacked.

When the new Bin Laden tape was released two weeks ago, the public did not take much out of it. They just looked at it as a terrorist who was trying to effect our election and our democracy. But how come no one has asked the question about what he is doing alive?

He attacked us before and has said he will again if Bush won the election. Maybe that is what the administration wants. They will accept the loss of a few thousands of Americans if it shows that they are tough and will smoke these guys out of their caves.

There is one positive, and only positive that can come out of another terrorist attack and that is that any idea of a draft will disappear because there will be so many people willing to sign up for duty. Out of the 17 percent of the people ages 18-29 who voted in this election, a whopping 60 percent was in favor of Kerry because they (myself included) believed that he would not implement a draft.

If we stay in Iraq and need to go to war in Iran or North Korea or any other country then there certainly will not be enough soldiers to go to each of these countries and therefore a draft would have to happen.

But if another attack happens then, just like after 9/11, people will sign up for the Armed Forces and replenish the diminishing numbers that we are seeing now. But if a draft is implemented then the Bush administration just might have a mutiny from the American people on their hands because they promised there won’t be one and the Americans believed them.

With the four more years we just gave George W. Bush and his group of disciples, we enter four more years of uncertainty with a dollar whose value is falling by the month, an economy that is losing jobs (Ohio has lost the most in the last four years ironically enough), and countries whose inhabitants we want to kill because of the small threat that they are a terrorist.

If the only reason we can stand behind our president is after we have been attacked then that is a sorry democracy we live in. His approval ratings have been declining ever since 9/11 and even though John Kerry lost the election, it was not by a lot.

But you can be sure that if another terrorist attack happens, the youth of this country will be slightly relieved because therefore no draft will happen, and it will show that this president who is so obsessed with terrorism, in the long run, ultimately did nothing to stop it.

Good luck Dubya in the next four years, because the entire world is waiting and watching and plotting for the next opportune time to strike us and show your weaknesses once more.