Quinnipiac hosts annual leadership conference

Dana Owen

Quinnipiac University held its 22nd annual Fall Leadership Conference sponsored by the office of the student center and Student Leadership Development this past Saturday.

More than [#] students attended the conference, which began at 9 a.m. in the recreation center on campus, representing numerous organizations such as Student Programming Board (SPB), Student Government, fraternities and sororities, The Chronicle, Asian and Pacific Islanders Association (APSA) and Orientation Leaders, among others.

The morning kicked off with an introductory activity, QUCLUETM, which was facilitated by students participating in the third-tier of the university’s leadership development program run by Ed Kovacs, director of the student center, and Citizen Leaders.

The crime was that Boomer the Bobcat, Quinnipiac University’s mascot, had been kidnapped.

Each Citizen Leader posed as a different member of the university faculty: Ed Kovacs, Mike Minutoli, Daniel Brown, Manny Carriero and others.

Students then had to deduce from each character’s testimony who was guilty of the kidnapping, the weapon used, which included items like paper clips, graphic art room markers and a pasta frying pan from the Bobcat Den, and in what building the crime took place choosing from different locations on campus such Alumni Hall, Buckman Theatre, the quad, and the caf