Thrill-seeking students

Sarah Sztuk

Halloween is just around the corner, and for many people this time of year brings around more than the chance to get dressed up and party.

This season brings with it many ways to experience a little festive fear.

From scary movies to haunted hayrides, October is full of traditions and attractions that will hopefully scare the pants off of participants.

One thing that always gets people scared is a haunted house. Many places take this idea to the next level, like Lake Compounce in Bristol and Six Flag’s Fright Fest.

For years the amusement park at Lake Compounce has turned itself into a haunted graveyard during the Halloween season. Guaranteed to scare visitors it is filled with killer pumpkins, werewolf woods, catacombs, zombies, witches and more.

Fright Fest features haunted houses, a special effect illusion shows, frightening hayrides and specially-themed rides and ghouls who roam the park.

Both theme park aim to terrify patrons. But why do people like to get so scared?

“Even though I get terrified I secretly love to be scared” Carla Pasquale, junior communication major, said. “I love the adrenaline feeling. I go to Fright Fest every year and the haunted house freaks me out. But the adrenaline I get when I am waiting for people to pop out at me is totally worth it”.

Some don’t like to be scared as much.

“I really try to avoid all haunted things now because the last time I visited Lake Compounce I literally peed my pants, and it was such an unpleasant experience that I hate the thought of repeating it. If my friends make me go I stick to the kiddies play rides and pumpkin picking.” Victoria Johnson, education major, said.

If you are not into a hand on scary experience there are other things one can do to get into the Halloween scary spirit.

Many television channels will showcase scary programming in October. ABC family will be starting 13 Nights of Fright, where they will be showcasing scary movies and programming.

Video stores are putting all the scariest horror films in one section to make it easy for renters to find the best of the best when it comes to fright films.

“I prefer to watch scary movies rather than have the scary stuff able to touch me,” Johnson said. “My favorite scary movie is Scary Movie, that my kind of film”.

“I like my movies really scary and gory; my favorite is stuff like The Exorcist and Halloween,” Pasquale said.

Whether you like to be terrified or just like some wholesome spooks there are plenty of opportunities for you to get scared this Halloween. So pick your apples, carve your pumpkins and get all dressed up, but watch out on Halloween because someone might just be waiting to scare you.