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    Socks show character and keep feet happy

    As people pack up their flip flops and sandals before taking out their boots, they put on their socks.

    Unlike most clothing, a pair of socks can be put on without thought of matching or style; however socks are very important part of getting dressed.

    Socks protect feet from fungus, calluses and blisters. Cotton socks absorb sweat, which also helps your sneakers or boots from becoming smelly. Socks that fit properly can help avoid ringworm or athlete’s foot.

    There are many different styles and cuts of socks, ranging from knee highs to ankle socks that are hardly visible when wearing shoes.

    Socks vary from style to color, to pattern and design. Although they are seen much less than other articles of clothing, socks can be a form of expression.

    “I like fancy socks,” said Cory Darmos, senior history major. “They put me in the holiday spirit.”

    Toe socks are basically gloves for someone’s feet. They are more common among females and help keep feet warm.

    “I have boot socks, ones with funny patterns, and toe socks. I’m a big fan [of toe socks] I have a few pairs of those,” said Stephanie Caruso, Quinnipiac’s Media Solutions roducer and supervisor.

    With cold weather coming, high boots are usually paired with high socks for warmth and to prevent chafing and blisters.

    “I have always enjoyed the argyle socks that you can wear underneath boots that come half way up your calf so they don’t fall down in boots,” said Katie McBride, senior public relations major.

    “I like to wear higher socks with boots and I like to wear toe socks in the winter time when I’m just lounging around,” said Jennifer Le, junior physical therapy major.

    “I hate socks that fall down, especially when you are wearing boots,” Caruso said.

    Aside from high socks, short socks are popular too.

    “I like to wear the short socks that almost look like peds because they are so short they cling to the bottom of your ankle,” McBride said.

    “I particularly enjoy the sock Old Navy has offered in the past, because they are exactly what I want in a sock and they come in a variety of colors,” McBride said.

    Eric Raymundo, graduate e-media student, said, “I prefer the ankle socks, the ones that cut [right below the ankle]. I actually buy kid socks from Wal-mart, because I like the snug fit.”

    Socks also allow people to keep their sandals in circulation during the colder months.

    “When I play basketball I wear my socks and sandals so my feet don’t stank,” Raymundo said.

    Sandals and socks are popular in other parts of the country and abroad; however, not all students appreciate the trend.

    “What is the point of wearing socks with sandals? Sandals are meant to be worn in the summer,” said Breanna Crowley, junior marketing major.

    In regards to wearing socks and sandals Katharine Wells, senior marketing major disagrees. “It doesn’t bother me. The only time I would do it is in the winter, but it would have to be with pants, like sweatpants,” Wells said.

    Whether you like high socks, low socks or no socks there are many options and choices for your foot apparel. Socks not only keep your feet warm and safe but can also be used as a way to fashion your style of expression.

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