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    QU students need to be held accountable

    After initially hearing about the recent “crisis” occurring at Avalon Walk, I felt extremely sorry for the Quinnipiac undergraduates who had planned to reside there. I felt bad for them in that their search for housing in the area was made more difficult in the elimination of this apartment community from their choices.

    As I delved further into the stunning release by the management of Avalon communities, I became aware of the intricate details resulting in the banishment of undergraduates from living there. According to a letter sent to Avalon Walk residents by the management of the housing complex, excessive noise, parking issues, trash in breezeways, loud parties, littering in common areas and speeding caused the change in policy.

    Upon learning why Avalon was forced to change, I altered my views on the subject. Good for Avalon. It is about time that someone took away privileges for not following the rules, for going against terms in leases, for trashing the place and for generally acting immature.

    I am appalled by the way Quinnipiac students have chosen to conduct themselves. When I lived on campus for three years, I saw the destruction in the residence halls, the loud parties violating quiet hours, the broken lights in the hallways, the trash piling up in the garbage cars, the beer bottles strewn across campus, the disgusting common bathrooms and much more. I thought when we grow-up, we become more mature and move into adulthood. Obviously, I am wrong.

    The university-provided shuttle system, allowing students to have fun safely in and around New Haven is just another example of students’ disrespect for what is generously being provided. This is another privilege that is being taken advantage of and if not more accountable and respectful, will be taken away. The behavior on the shuttle system equates to the trashing and littering and vandalism that occurs both on and off campus. And further, students have the gall to become defensive when they are approached about their actions. I would have hoped that students would be respectful of privileges granted to them. Obviously, I am once again proven wrong.

    I would have expected seniors in college to be and act as adults. Excessive noise, parking issues, trash in breezeways, loud parties, speeding and littering are not actions of adults. I had hoped that by the time I was a senior, I would see a significant change in the actions and behaviors of my peers. Unfortunately, I am wrong again.

    I hoped that living in off-campus apartments, condos and houses would have taught my peers about respect and showing care for the place in which you live. I also thought that people had more respect for those around them. Unfortunately, I am once again wrong.

    And students wonder why the town of Hamden does not exactly view Quinnipiac students very fondly? Obviously, I would hate us too. Look at the image we are putting out in this town. Disobeying noise laws, speeding, trashing, and littering are not qualities we should be presenting to the town. The town is not going to want us here, want us as a part of their community. Students that act this way are giving Quinnipiac a bad image, which is a shame. I am ashamed of my classmates.

    Students are members of society and also, members of this community. We need to take responsibility for what we do, as it also affects all those around us. We need to become responsible citizens, accountable for what we do, in all ways, in everything that we do. From crossing the street, speeding, loud music, littering, parties, to shopping in the store, we need to take more responsibility for what we do and who it affects.

    Just because we are college students, we do not have the right to disobey rules and laws. We are not exceptions to the rules just because we are in college. We are adults and should act accordingly. I am not preaching that we should not have fun but we must be aware of the boundary between fun and being inconsiderate.

    YOU DID IT. You made the decision to act in a way that is irresponsible and you must be held accountable for it. I am ashamed of my classmates that not only live in Avalon and in their fight to change this policy, but students that live in all places on and off campus. You did this to yourselves. It is time you be held accountable for what you do.

    And to those students, who still believe that they are exceptions to the rules, wake up, grow up, and act in a way that makes you proud. And if you choose not to act in acceptable ways, be accountable for what you do. Mommy and Daddy are not here to anymore to pick up behind you. You are adults now.

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