Collared up gentlemen

Dan McKee

observe things around this campus. Some of them I applaud, such as TKE and their blood drives and different groups of students helping each other out. I also notice the annoying, the arrogant and the totally obnoxious. The latter group is what I write about today, the obnoxious and arrogant and the down right annoying. Today it is not the fall down drunks or the loose moraled young ladies who parade around campus, they will have my attention in upcoming issues of the Chronicle.

Today my attention is directed towards the obnoxious few gentlemen who wear a polo shirt with the collar up. Quinnipiac University is not the pages of the Abercrombie quarterly it is a learning institution, it is not the yacht club. I feel these men who put the collar up do a disservice to all men. They look completely ridiculous and send out an aura of superiority. I have talked to numerous females in writing this article who agree with me. I understand that men want to be fashion conscious but this is not the way to go about it. So this is not seen as an aimless article I will prescribe a solution.

Look to serious fashion guru’s, they will not endorse the collar up attitude. Do not only shop at Abercrombie, diversify. Sometimes the best clothing decisions made are made in other department stores or even if you so chose on 5th Avenue. The biggest piece of advice is don’t be a sheep, allow yourself to be exactly that: yourself. Do not be a catalog or a walking billboard; do not pay to advertise for someone else that’s why the advertising agency created billboards.

I don’t write to complain, I write to advise. Don’t make yourself a stereotype. There are enough stereotypes in this world; Quinnipiac does not need anymore.