Learning center: improving one grade at a time

Jessica Hodges

Its two o’clock and students are flying in and out of the waiting room. Some go right in and eagerly meet up with the tutor they have been going to for years. Others sit in chairs, waiting for their tutor to come get them because it’s their first time. It’s the Quinnipiac Learning Center, and it’s one of the best utilized places on campus.

One in three Quinnipiac students uses the Learning Center each year. The Staff is represented by 53 student tutors who have excelled in the subject they are tutoring. The program is certified by the College Reading and Learning Association and gives support in almost all 100-level courses, as well as 200-400 levels in the areas of accounting, biology,chemistry,economics,English,foreign language, math, physics, and all levels of writing and composition.

Not only does the Learning Center provide excellent tutelage in many areas of study, but they also offer a variety of seminars that deal with different learning skills and how to excel in each one. From programs about reading more effectively, to taking better notes, the Learning Center has it covered. In addition to offering skill seminars and academic development, and English as a Second Language program is also offered for those students who are not primarily English-speaking.

Located in 119 Tator Hall, the Learning Center provides a friendly atmosphere for its students. A wall full of white appointment papers allows kids to sign up for whatever appointment time is most convenient for them. Every hour kids come bustling through. The secretary at the main desk efficiently asks each one of them what time their appointment is and who their tutor is. Christina Haddad, a freshman, waits patiently for her tutor to arrive. Haddad is here for help on her composition work and is positive the Learning Center will be able to help improve her writing scores.

Junior Jacqueline Guiliano, a psychology major, has attended the Learning Center for several different courses including Spanish and Statistics of Psychology. Guiliano says, “My tutors were really helpful and open to any questions I had. I was a little nervous when I first went. I didn’t want them to think I was stupid, but they were so nice about everything, and ended up helping me out a lot.”

It’s true enough, college can be tough and so can the material covered in class. It’s good to know that the Learning Center is there to help out, one grade at a time.