Calling all opinionated people

A. J. Atchue

My name is AJ Atchue and I am the editor of the opinion and commentary pages here at the Chronicle. I am a sophomore broadcast journalism major from Paxton, Massachusetts – just outside of Worcester. This is my second year with the Chronicle and my first as editor of this section.

Last year, I started writing opinion pieces for this section right from the start and continbued throughout the year. I found it to be a great way to immediately get involved and noticed here at Quinnipiacsince everything published reaches a wide and diverse audeince.

I am excited about the potential for these pages over the course of the year. As its title indicates, this is the section of the paper where you can give your opinion on just about anything on your mind. This being an election year, we certainly welcome commentaries on the presidential race, or any particular issue related to it or any other political race.

We also encourage students to comment on issues surrounding Quinnipiac – there is usually no shortage of opinion in that regard, and this is the place to be heard. If you have your own idea for a commentary, by all means go for it. Sometimes the best editorial is the one about an original idea or issue that grabs a reader’s attention.

I am hoping for a strong and productive year from this section and the Chronicle as a whole. If you have any questions or would like to submit an editorial for the paper, please email me at [email protected]