Bookstore makeover

Jamie DeLoma

A new chapter in the life of the university bookstore has been
written. Over the summer, the bookstore underwent the first major
renovation in a decade that has brought a new design meant to make the
bookstore operate and look better.

One of the largest misconceptions that students have is that the Quick
Stop is gone. This is not the case, while it is no longer located in
its own space; it has more linear space this year than it had before
the renovations. Before the renovations, the store had 408 square
feet, approximately 200 linear shelf feet; since the renovations, the
space has been increased to 503 square feet, approximately 300 linear
shelf feet, according to ndrew A. Tranquilli, the bookstore manager.
The idea to remove the Quick Stop from its previous location next to
the bookstore was made “from a design standpoint, it was not to
necessarily eliminate it but instead to combine both retail areas for
operational purposes and ease customer accessibility and navigation,”
Tranquilli said.

The overall square footage of merchandise in the store, including
storage areas is 6, 102 square feet, 4,227 feet of which is exclusive
to the selling floor. Approximately 30% of the store is dedicated to
clothing and apparel.

The last major bookstore renovation was made in 1991 with a few
“minor” ones made in between, according to Tranquilli.
In addition to changes made in the physical store, the web site of the
bookstore was likewise reconstructed. On the bookstore web site,
located at, products can be purchased including
books and software. There are also pictures of the university,
special notices to customers and a featured item section. The site is
updated primarily from the bookstore on campus. The current prices of
products are updated weekly.

All work was paid for by the bookstore. It is a private entity and
not owned by the university. The cost of the renovations was not
available at the time of the interview.