President Lahey Welcomes Class of 2008

It is with great pleasure that I welcome the Class of 2008 as the newest members of the Quinnipiac community. I extend my congratulations to each of you and wish you a challenging, enjoyable and rewarding experience for the next four years.

The academic programs at Quinnipiac are regionally and nationally recognized for excellence and a truly dedicated and superb faculty will ensure that your learning experiences will be many and varied. It is also important to know that your learning opportunities at Quinnipiac are not limited to the classroom, but are also available outside of the classroom. You can enhance your educational experiences through your involvement in one or more of our 65 student clubs and organizations.

The Office of the Carl Hansen Student Center and Leadership Development provides quality experiential activities that challenge students to develop and practice leadership skills. We have a comprehensive Leadership Program which begins with the freshman year Emerging Leaders Program. Other opportunities include our fraternal organizations, the arts, such as theatre, dance, choir and music, and an extensive array of intramural athletic programs. If your intention is to pursue communications and media, you can join our Chronicle newspaper, QUEST TV station, WQAQ radio, the Summit yearbook or Montage literary magazine.

The University is committed to providing students with rich and diverse opportunities which extend their education beyond the classroom. Students who are involved in planning and implementing such activities develop leadership skills, increase competencies, and become more self-reliant and confident. In addition, students who participate are exposed to social, cultural and recreational programs that challenge, teach and entertain. I urge you to become involved! Studies show that students who participate in at least one activity outside the classroom not only do better academically, but also feel more connected to and identify with other students and the university community.

Best wishes for a successful start to your new life as part of the Quinnipiac community and I look forward to seeing you on campus.