University made decision too quickly

Karen Cowan

I am a former student who received my graduate degree from Quinnipiac last year. I just read the article in the Quinnipiac Chronicle.

I feel that the students should not be expelled for the following reasons.

1. The arrests happened off campus. The article did not indicate that
drugs or alcohol were being distributed on campus.

2. These students have not gone through the judicial system as of yet and some may be exonerated. The school has made too quick
of a decision to expel them. What happened to “innocent till proven

3. The students that are seniors should be allowed to graduate. They have already completed their requirements and should not be penalized on an off-campus arrest. If I was a senior and not allowed to graduate because of an off-site activity, I would be contacting my attorney to protect my rights.

Quinnipiac officials made a poor decision in dismissing these students. In
Salem, MA, the witches at least got a trial before they were burned at the
stake. At Quinnipiac, there was not trial just the bonfire. Very disappointing.
Karen Cowan
M.S. E-media