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New Editor in Chief introduces himself to Quinnipiac

To the Quinnipiac Community –

My name is Jamie DeLoma and I am the new editor-in-chief of the Chronicle here at Quinnipiac. I am a sophomore who hopes to earn a degree in journalism with a concentration in the print sector and a minor in Political Science.

I realize I must fill a colossal shadow set by my predecessors, Kellie Gleeson and Marina McGowan but I am definitely up for the challenge. Kellie and Marina have taught me a great deal about journalism and myself, both of which I intend to use in improving this, the official student-run newspaper, with every issue. However, I am not alone in this quest for perfection, Christon Kurker-Stewart joins me in leading the Chronicle on the path of reaching its full potential.

As you will see with the upcoming issues of this newspaper, the Chronicle is in the process of undergoing a metamorphosis from a newspaper to the primary source of information on this campus. I believe that if there is an issue on this campus, regardless of how controversial or how it may make a person, or institution appear, it must, and will be covered. I am a strong advocate for a free press and complete absence of censorship and therefore, you, the reader will benefit through complete and accurate stories where a full perspective is given.

I strive for excellence wherever my heart is and my heart is with this newspaper and on this campus. As you may have noticed if you read the commentaries that I have written, I speak my mind, always. I did so about the amazing beauty I saw in this campus and in my belief that more attention needs to be paid to what lies behind the brick walls of the buildings on this campus.

To reach this paper’s full potential, we need your help. If you see a story idea, e-mail or call us. If you don’t like something we are doing, or not doing, again, please contact us. It is likely that we may not be aware of our errors and we strive to fix them if deemed appropriate. Our e-mail address is [email protected] and our extension is 8358. We are located in the student center in room 210.

Have you always wanted to write for the Chronicle or take a picture or two but did not know where to go? I will tell you. Call us and we will find you something that you will enjoy. The worse case scenario is that you will hate your involvement in the paper and simply not write anymore. See? It is nice and easy and none of us bite…for the most part.

Now a little bit about me. I have been born and raised and spent all of my life in Connecticut. I am sometimes critical but usually laid back and relaxed about life in general. The most sacred things in my life are my family, particularly my mother, great aunt, grandmother and brother, and friends. I would give up anything and everything for any of these people.

I have a deep interest in writing and politics and wish others would too. I have attended almost every Student Government Association meeting this year and have had the privilege of watching the organization improve as the year went on. While I have been critical of the organization, I tend to be that way when I know something, or someone, has a strong potential, as the SGA does.

Now I need a favor, I need your help. Is there something on campus that is not covered enough, perhaps something that is covered too much? Does someone always excel and is never recognized? Is the Chronicle lacking something it really ought not? Please let me know. While I, and the entire Chronicle staff, strive for success, we cannot do it with you so please keep in the back of your mind.

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