New haircuts are springing up

Ashley Alvarado

Hair in the morning, hair throughout the day, and hair and night.

There are three completely different times of day; therefore three completely different types of hairstyles. No one wants to see what anyone’s hair looks like in the morning.

People stress over hair every morning to get it to look just right. Many feel hair is part of the appearance category that defines who a person is. One can tell a lot about a person and the way they are by the style of their hair, the color they dye it, or the way it is cut.

Hair in the afternoon, for instance, if at work or school, may take on a more conservative look. No matter what your preference is for style, a boss or professor probably will not care what the latest cool color to dye your hair is, so the best way to go is to give off a good impression. Come the night time, when everyone is going out to a club, you can take that hair out of its French braid and let it hang down.

Hang down? This year it seems a lot of the celebs are cutting off the locks to let some air get to the back of the neck.

Natalie Portman, a long time shouldered hair styled type of girl, has cut it all off. Her new style is the ancient bob. Along with a bob, she has done what everyone seems to be doing also this year, and she cut those bangs.

“I don’t think I would want to cut my hair that short, because I am so attached to my hair right now. It took me so long to get it to the length I wanted it, but I like bangs and would definitely consider doing something in that area,” Patricia Detullio said, a sophomore accounting major.