She said; He said

Dear Ricky-

When I was a freshman I was hooking up with this great guy almost every night and then for some reason things got all weird and now we hardly talk. His friends tell me that he really liked/likes me but I do not know if he really (still) does. I am too shy to actually ask him but I still like him and want to get back with him.
Normally I am pretty outgoing, but when it comes to this kind of thing I am sort of an old fashioned kind of girl. The only problem is that he is totally a typical guy (sorry Ricky) and does not get the hints I throw out to him. I am afraid he is going to graduate and I will loose him and my chance forever.
What should I do so that he knows I am still interested without putting myself on the line and looking like a fool if he is not?

His Former Freshmen Fancy

Former Fancy-

Hey, you are not offending me saying that guys are oblivious to hints. In fact, you are right.
Assuming this guy is not involved with someone else, it sounds to me like you owe it to yourself to put yourself out on the line for once. I do not want to lump all situations together and say they are all alike, but it is what I do, so you are gunna have to deal with it.
When you say that you were hooking up every night and “for some reason things got all weird,” I feel it is safe to assume that someone got attached.
Usually the “every night hookup” only lasts if the two parties involved can maintain the same level of attachment, none. If mutual attachment develops, then you have a boyfriend/ girlfriend. If one-sided attachment happens, you get a “now we hardly talk” situation. If this sounds familiar Freshman Fancy, I would be reluctant to pursue a relationship with this guy.
However, if you just want to have a good time, and can deal with the fact that he might not want anything more, I think you should go for it. The last thing you want is to regret missing out on something you want.
I think that whatever signs you are giving him, try to make them a little clearer, and give twice as many. If you still get no response, you may have to deal with the fact he is purposely ignoring them and you may be the person missing the hints.
Whatever the case may be, do not allow yourself to fall victim to your own shyness. Start putting yourself out there and good things will happen.

– Ricky