Text messaging takes over

Jenn Press

The need for constant communication has come into play with the latest use of cell phones: text messaging. Whether in class, laying in bed, at the movies, or the more inappropriate places like religious services or dinner with grandparents, text messaging has taken over the fingers of many Quinnipiac students.

The ease of typing a message to a friend makes for instant message-like conversation, without having to sit at a computer or chat verbally. With the phone in silent mode, a student can have a full conversation with someone without disturbing anyone in their proximity.

“I think text messageing is useful especially during times when cell phones are not allowed to be used; for example in class or during a movie at the movie theater,” sophomore Susan Giesemann, an athletic training major, said.

Some find it easier to communicate with friends because they can have a conversation while doing other things.

“I talk to my friends during class all the time, and my professors have no idea. It’s great though. I can check my messages and talk without having the phone to my ear,” sophomore Rachel Marshal, a communication major, said.

Other students use it as a way of contacting their friends in a discreet fashion.

“It makes me feel better about talking to my friends late at night without worrying about waking them up. I text them first, and if they respond, I know it’s okay to call,” junior Mychelle Johnson, a psychology major, said.

The ease of typing a fast message without worrying about sounding snippy on the phone allows students to update friends or say hello without having a drawn-out conversation.

“I love text messaging. I think it is a great way to send a quick message to a friend when you really can’t talk on the phone, and you have something urgent to say,” sophomore Danielle Turner, a sociology major, said.

Text messaging is also a great way to keep entertained when drifting off during a lecture.

“Well, I don’t have unlimited texting on my phone, so I don’t use it much, but I like how you can be texting another person while you’re in class if you’re bored, and your teacher will never know. I think it’s really useful,” sophomore Alaina Cuglietto, a sociology major, said.

Text messaging can also help ease situations when hoping to contact a new friend or a crush, when wanting to seem more casual than a formal phone call.

“It’s cool because I can let a girl know I’m thinking of her, but not worry that she might reject me. Sometimes I’ll text someone I am starting a relationship with, because I don’t have to worry about her saying she can’t talk,” sophomore Mike Radell, an accounting major, said. “The best part is, I can check to see if she received my message, so I know whether or not she’s interested if she texts me back.”

The technological advance is also beneficial during times where it would be too noisy to speak to someone. Some students found the tool came in handy when they were at a party or event where they would not normally be able to talk to someone via telephone.

“I was at a concert recently and my friend and I got separated. There was no way we could hear each other over the noise, so even though it took longer, we text messaged each other until we met up. It definitely came in handy,” junior Carolyn Wicher, a physical therapy major, said.

However, there are definitely downfalls with the technology of text messaging, and it can be incredibly tedious.

“I think text messaging is a good way to communicate, but it gets annoying typing in the messages through your phone. Sometimes your phone takes forever to access them. [I use it] in class or when I can’t talk on the phone.” junior Mylanie Medina, a public relations major, said.

Turner agreed.

“The one flaw is that the messages do not always get received right as they are sent, so that can be aggravating,” she said.

Others only use it as a last resort.

“I really don’t use it too often. I only use it if I am in a place that is quiet or where talking on the phone is inappropriate,” freshman Scott Jacobson, a business major, said.

Regardless of the flaws, text messaging is all the rage, especially for college students who are miles apart from their friends. Even those who find it frustrating use it at some point to keep in touch with the outside world.