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    Kellie Gleeson’s last hurrah

    When I first came to Quinnipiac four years ago, I had no idea where the experience would take me. I came in knowing that I wanted to become the best journalist I could be and that I wanted to have an effect on people. After making this choice, I made a solemn vow to myself that by my senior year I would be the Editor in Chief of The Chronicle. From that point on, there was no looking back. I had a goal and I would do anything in my power to accomplish it.

    Now, with graduation being a month and a half away, I sit here in The Chronicle office and realize that in just one week I will no longer be running the paper, I realize that by this time next week, I will only be a spectator to the publication which consumed my entire being for an entire year. These thoughts flood my mind and nothing but sadness follows.

    With the awareness that my time as Editor in Chief is coming to an end, I look back on the year with nothing but good memories and kind thoughts. Everything from the paper being erased twice, to the stories I have covered, to the people I have worked with, has a special place in my heart that I will never forget. It is amazing that I am truly going to miss staying in the office until 3 a.m. on Tuesday mornings. I guess I have come to love everything about the paper and in essence the paper has become a huge part of me.

    My time with The Chronicle would not have been complete without the people I have worked with. So many people have affected my life when it comes to The Chronicle and I want to thank them in a very special way.

    Scott Hazan- You have not only been a guiding force for the paper, but you have been a guiding force in my life. Thank you for all done.

    Margarita Diaz- Out of all the advisors, you have been the person I have ranted and raved to. Thank you for listening to my endless tangents.

    Richard Hanley- Thank you for always having faith in me and the work that I do. You have been there for me for the past two years and I will never forget all you have taught me.

    Dennis Kisyk – I wanted to thank you for acting as a doorway between the paper and the Student Government. I knew I could always count on you when The Chronicle needed information on the SGA. You have been amazing on a personal and a work level.

    To the 2003-2004 Chronicle Editorial Board- You have all been my backbone. Witout you, I would have been nothing this year. Thank you for all your hard work and your dedication. I am so proud of all of you. Because of your commitment to the paper, it has become a publication that people are excited to read. You are all amazing. Good luck with all you do. Thank you for making this year the best of my college career and one of the best of my life.

    But even with the accomplishments that the paper has made this year, I know that next year the paper will continue on its path to greatness. My advice to all those are taking over : Never lose your integrity. Your job is to inform the campus about what is going on. Don’t let anything get in your way and be true to the story you are writing.

    If you remember these words, nothing will stand in your way. Thank you to everyone for giving this amazing opportunity. I hope I have served you well this year. Good luck to everyone in the future.

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