Penguin Plunge raises $1500 for charity

Amy Codagnone

Quinnipiac Students took the Penguin Plunge and raised $1500 in support of Connecticut’s Special Olympics sports program.

The 12 students, wearing swimsuits and gold bowties signifying that they had raised the highest amount for a group, ran into the Long Island Sound on Feb. 21 and braved the cold weather for a good cause.

The plunge was held at Madison Surf Club and was one of six Penguin Plunges held this year by Special Olympics in Connecticut.

This is the second year that Quinnipiac has been involved in the event but the 14th year that it has been held by Special Olympics.

Those who were involved this year plan to plunge next year as well.

“I’m a little crazy and it sounded like a fun idea,” Jessie Russell, sophomore and treasurer of the Community Action Project, said. “It’s one of those events that you see on TV and now I get to say ‘Hey I did that!'”

“It was definitely worth it. Everyone really appreciated what we did.”

The event was also sponsored by local radio stations and companies in the area.

Each “penguin” was asked to get donations for their plunge.

Once Community Action Project and PRSSA, the public relations student organization, decided to participate again in this year’s icy plunge they started to recruit participants and donors.

“We went dorm storming to try to get donations,” Russell said.

The participants run, jump, dive, or swim in the water.

There are no requirements for how far one must go, and some of the braver participants actually swam around in the frigid water.

There is a risk in diving into such icy waters and there were emergency vehicles available at the site in case a problem arises.

CAP plans to take the plunge for Special Olypmics again next year; any brave souls who dare to participate should watch for signs in the cafeteria.