WRECK: Tweens at Toads

Megan Alderman-Person

What’s worse than a bunch of 12 year olds at Toad’s? A bunch of 12 year olds moshing at the Aaron Carter concert at Toad’s.

Every person that goes out to New Haven on the weekends knows how crowded Toad’s can get, and there was no exception at the Aaron Carter concert Wednesday, Feb. 27., which is part of his “After Party Tour.”

What was horrifyingly different was the mass of teenagers that were pushing and elbowing their way to the front of the stage to get a better look at the 90s pop star. During one of the opening acts, a girl fight broke out in the middle of the crowd. Two groups of girls had to be escorted out by the security guard for violently shoving people and creating chaos before Carter even came on the stage.

There were so many girls holding up signs that it was hard to see anything. Most of the signs were very inappropriate. One read, “The real after party is in my bedroom.” These girls who weren’t even alive when Aaron first became famous, have no idea what they’re insinuating.

Even though there were a few parents in the crowd, many of the young girls there were without supervision. Letting a young teenager go to a club in New Haven on a school night is a questionable decision, especially since the concert did not end until midnight. Toad’s has probably never seen so many screaming adolescents at one time.