Hanson set to play Hartford Wednesday

Allison Corneau

Ten years and three records after their start in the music business, Hanson is returning to Connecticut’s Webster Theater March 10 to promote their new eight-song acoustic album, “Underneath.”

The Oklahoma-bred trio of brothers are hitting the road for the first time in three years, and their stop at the Webster will have the group performing an acoustic set of songs from “Underneath,” as well as the hits that made them famous in the mid-90’s.

With a more sophisticated appearance and sound to match, Isaac, 23, Taylor, 21, and Zac, 18 have created their own 3CG Records label to distribute last August’s “Underneath.” This new acoustic album and tour may serve as a reminder to fans of the Hanson they knew years ago, one of the original boy bands on the music scene, gaining credibility with such hits as 1997’s “MmmBop,” a track from their debut album, which sold eight million copies worldwide.

Talented instrumentalists in their own right, Isaac (guitar), Taylor (piano) and Zac (drums), assumed the singer/songwriter label before it was popular, and it is such drive that has carried them through the ever-changing dynamic of the music industry.

The eldest band member, Isaac, realizes the direction the music business has gone in over the years, and hopes his band can transcend those obstacles to remain successful.

“The music industry has failed to cultivate its artists. They’re just after the quick buck. We want to be part of seeding an industry that grows artists with careers,” he said on the band’s Web site, www.hanson.net.

“We want to inspire the artists of the future. Working for your audience is about digging deeper inside yourself. You have to strive for that,” he continued.

Hanson fans new and old can get inspired by the group at their Webster Theater performance next Wednesday. Tickets are available for $20 by calling the Webster at (860) 525-5553.