Top 10 college-themed movies

Joe Green

In an effort to stimulate interest in film and cinema among college students, I will attempt to compile a series of “Top Ten” movie lists. Each list will consist of some movies that most people have seen, and some that fewer numbers have seen.

My hope is that if you, the reader, like several of the movies on the list you will be inclined to see the others. If you have any comments, feel free to contact me at [email protected] For my first installment I present, in no particular order, The Top Ten College Movies of All Time:

1. “Animal House” – This will show us all how they used to party back in the 70’s. Watch it with your parents and remind them that they too used to drink too much every weekend. (1978, Universal Pictures)

2. “Van Wilder” – Van reminded everyone in his presence, and the audience, what the three most important factors of college life are: parties, parties and parties. (2002, Artisan Entertainment)

3. “PCU” – Jeremy Piven plays a man nearing his thirties who is a career college student, at a disgustingly PC university. This hilarious film culminates with the ultimate college party, including a visit from George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic. (1994, 20th Century Fox)

4. “Rudy” – Some will argue that this movie is really about college football and Notre Dame. However, it captures the power of school spirit better than any film I have ever seen. (1993, Tri-Star Pictures)

5. “Road Trip” – If you can get past Tom Green putting a live mouse in his mouth, Road Trip is a blast. There’s really nothing like driving around with three of your friends in a stolen school bus. (2000, Dream Works)

6. “Old School” – This movie explores the outcome of letting the Animal House generation re-enter college fraternity life. A word of caution – it is still not a good idea to go streaking through the quad and into the gymnasium. (2003, Dream Works)

7. “Back to School” – Rodney Dangerfield is old and wealthy, so he decides to finally go back and get his degree with his son. Naturally, hilarity ensues. (1986, Orion Pictures)

8. “With Honors” – Joe Pesci is a bum living on Harvard’s campus, who steals Brendan Fraser’s thesis paper. This movie is full of laughs, but it will also remind you that a professor’s way of thinking isn’t the only way. (1994, Warner Brothers)

9. “Real Genius” – How do the smartest teenagers in the country blow off steam when they aren’t building a ridiculously powerful laser? Watch and find out, and see Val Kilmer in his first major motion picture role. (1985, Tri-Star Pictures)

10. “The Freshman” – Matthew Broderick is a first year film student who ends up working for an “importer,” played by Marlon Brando. A lot of it takes place off campus – but its entertaining enough to capture an audience for 102 minutes. (1990, Tri-Star Pictures)