Sandler’s ’50 First Dates’ definitely a date-worthy flick

Erin Ade

Fans looking for the typical humor expected from an Adam Sandler film do not need to be scared away by the cheesy theme and quirky, classic Sandler-friendly cast of his latest flick. His newest starring role, “50 First Dates,” is a winner.

Set on the Oahu island of Hawaii, “50 First Dates” features Henry Roth, played by Sandler, as a womanizing marine veterinarian whose average relationship lasts about 24 hours. That is until Henry becomes smitten with a local girl, Lucy Whitmore, played by Drew Barrymore. As fate would have it, Lucy was in an accident a year earlier that caused her to lose all of her short term memory after 24 hours.

Now it is Henry’s task to make Lucy fall in love with him on a daily basis. He must also win the respect of Lucy’s father, Marlin, played by Blake Clarke and brother Doug, played by Sean Astin. Marlin and Doug do everything in their power to relive the day of the accident in order to not have to re-break the news to Lucy everyday.

This is not your typical Adam Sandler flick; he gives an exceptional performance and is truly charming. You can clearly see how Lucy could continually fall for this genuine sweetheart.

Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler have real on-screen chemistry. Barrymore gives a sincerely touching performance and her portrayal of Lucy coming to terms with and accepting her disorder was excellent and very heart warming.

For all you true Sandler fans, there is no need to worry. Writer George Wing and Ddrector Peter Segal, did not completely forget about you. Sandler’s classic on-screen entourage, Rob Schneider and Allen Covert, are all accounted for in this film and deliver the majority of slapstick humor that they are known for in previous Sandler films like “Big Daddy” and “Happy Gilmore.” The positively adorable animals that Sandler plays with are reason enough alone to see the film.

I give this film a surprising and totally unexpected A-. Funny, sweet, and heartwarming, “50 First Dates” is excellent “couple movie” material. You could always wait until the video comes out, but with Friday night usually being a let down, why would you?