Running for SGA Ed Board and Board of Trustees


Dennis Kisyk
Year: Junior
Position: President of the Student Government
Platform: Dennis Kisyk for president means change. It means a Student Government with integrity, dedication, and hard work. It means a SGA President that produces results. It means a loud and clear voice on the behalf of the students. As VP of Student Concerns, I made great strides in working with Student Organizations. As President, I plan to strengthen those ties to create a unified front in fighting for students’ needs. I plan to lead the Student Government in a new and dynamic direction of real progress. For more information, please see this week’s article by Jamie Deloma.

Anthony Vindigni
Year: Sophomore
Position: Vice President of Programming
Platform: As the Vice President of Programming, I will work on making students more aware of what is going on with events, making being a part of the organization more fun, and bringing progams that the students want to see on campus. This position is only as important as the people who support it, so my first goals are to get the general board more involved , to have more student input on events, and to work with new organizations co-sponsoring events. This organization has a lot of potential and I want too the students to know that I want to make next year the best year.

Mark Antonucci
Year: Sophomore
Position: Vice President of Student Concerns
Platform: If elected I hope to strengthen the bond between the student body’s voice and the administration. I would want to place more emphasis on the students’ concerns rather than the Student Government Association. I would institute a Student Awareness Strategic Plan, which would lay out how the Student Awareness Committee would stregthen those ties between students and administration. This would all be done by putting the decision-making of what Student Government works on in the hands of the students.

Kristin Vidile
Year: Junior
Position: Vice President of Finance
Platform: My goal for this upcoming year is to continue with the sucess of the financial branch of the SGA. In holding this position for the year, I have been able to make the student organizations’ budget accessble online through blackboard, improve the relationship between the SGA and the organizations through a liaison program, and increasing the fuding for the next fiscal year by $80,000. If I am re-elected to this position, I promice to continue working to increase communications , improve organization fiscal responsibility, and increase funding.

Ricky Baltimore
Year: Senior
Position: Vice President of Public Relations
Platform: My goals for the position of Public Relations are to get back to the basics. Student Government must reach out to the students and to the administraion and faculty in order for each to know what the other is doing. As the bridge between these two parties, it is my goal to synchronize and keep the lines of communication open.

Mike Germano
Year: Junior
Position:Senior Class President/Board of Trustees
Platform: We have been plagued with poor leadership in the past, resulting in a weaker student voice. Thankfully, the future has hard working professional leaders who will turn Student Government into a true student advocacy group. As class President, I will continue to passionately serve my class as I have for three years. Our senior year forces us to become residents in a community other than QU. I have worked extremely hard in our surrounding community to ensure students’ rights, which will benefit our class. I will be proud to serve as Senior Class President, and I look forward to having a sucessful year.

Erin Rosa
Year: Junior
Position: Vice President of Programming
Platform: I have been involved wih SPB since I was a freshman. I love the organization and have a lot of ideas that can help improve programming for next year. I would like to see more co-sponsorship among organizations on campus. As the Programming Board it is our job to have events every weekend. If we can venture out and get more clubs involved with this, our events would prove to appeal to a larger variety of students on campus,