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    Stripping for credits

    Several Canadian college students are taking off their clothes for class. At Quinnipiac, though, this is not so easy to swallow.

    Strip clubs in Ontario offer scholarships to college students in return for stripping at the club. On top of the money for tuition, the strippers receive hourly wages and tips, as long as they keep a good grade point average.

    About 20 students at University of Windsor in Ontario are participating in the program, but that strategy to recruit dancers and strippers might not work here.

    “Maybe if I was really poor. [Actually] No! I would never be a stripper!”, Gina DiGiacomo, junior psychology major, said

    “They are degrading for both men and women because women aren’t the only ones in them.”

    Male students are also against stripping.

    “There’s a lot more jobs out there that I feel are more respectable. I’d rather make an honest living or take out a loan than degrade myself,” Eric Marco, junior journalism major, said.

    Some students feel stripping not only takes away your clothes, but your identity as well.

    “I think it’s degrading, it’s not even worth it. Your whole image is ruined, reputation and everything,” Christine Hubany, senior journalism major, said.

    Hubany has been to a few male strip clubs for birthdays and special occasions, but would not think of getting up on stage.

    A few people said they would strip for tuition, but did not want to see their names in the article.

    Although some people will not be the first to jump on stage, even for tuition, they are more apt to watch from below.

    “I think it’s degrading to the women themselves but because they chose to do it, why not enjoy it,” junior Kevin Joslin, sociology major, said.

    Spending money is also an issue for students.

    Adam Lombardo, senior Criminal Justice major, said it is a waste of money, but he usually enjoys what he sees and is planning to go with friends before graduation.

    Most agree that attending a strip club or hiring a stripper is only to celebrate a special occasion.

    “18th birthday, 20th birthday, breaking up with your girlfriend, bachelor parties,” Joslin said, in regards to special occasions that would be opportunities to attend.

    “If you go just to go, then that’s a bit scummy, especially if you go by yourself,” Joslin said. “I wouldn’t ask them [strippers] out on a date, but I’d have no problem checking out their goods.”

    “Me and my friends usually go [to a strip club] before we go back to school,” Lombardo said.

    On the other hand, some people would not go on any occasion.

    “They are so degrading. People don’t need to do that. There are other options and since people go to them it promotes a poor body image. Kids think they have to live up to that,” DiGiacomo said.

    Whether you dance on stage, watch from afar, or drive by in disgust the adult entertainment industry is increasing. Strip clubs and the adult entertainment industry bring a lot of revenue into the economy.

    Hamden lacks any sort of strip club so until Quinnipiac students and Hamden residents express more interest in watching, customers will have to travel to New Haven and surrounding towns.

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