Staying warm and still looking cool

Sarah Sztuk

The weather maybe cold, but the trends are definitely heating up this winter. This season fashion looked back in time for its stylish inspiration.

Anything vintage is in.

A big thing on the QU campus for both men and women this winter are vintage tees.

Whether they show off old rock bands or saying from the 80’s, expressing yourself is all in the shirts this season.

Designers also looked back into the 60’s for inspiration this season. According to the mod look has come back.

“A high-energy mod mood reverberated through the New York shows in the form of groovy flat boots and little A-line minis. Colors were tomato reds, purples, and neon yellows,” said.

Looking for something a little more modern? Fitted jackets paired with a nice pair of jeans and heels have become a new way for women to look chic and sexy.

“I know if I’m going to a club in the city, or some place I just want to look really good but still casual; I throw on a pair of sevens, a white ribbed tank top and this awesome black fitted jacket I got at Forever 21, add black heeled boots and I am set for the night, and best of all I’m comfortable,” said sophomore Melissa Trebbe, Mass Communications major.

Not only are metrosexuals blurring the lines of masculinity and femininity, but so are the girls. coined the phrase “boy meets girl” when describing another trend that hit the runway this winter. According to the website, “Well-crafted classics like fitted jackets, trousers, and oversize coats combine power and sex appeal.”

But all the looks weren’t just for the ladies this winter. Men were every bit as stylish.

The layered look is as big as ever. Whether it is a long sleeved t-shirt under a short sleeved, or a collared shirt under a sweater, it was hot no matter what.

What made it unique was that this year more than ever designers, like Ralph Lauren, are using vibrant colors to make the men stand out. With new polo shirts in pinks, lavenders, and vibrant blues color is no longer only for the ladies.

Accessories are also big with men this winter. In the January issue of GQ magazine stylist Bob Yeager said, “It’s all in the wrist” proclaiming leather wrist bands “simply cool for cool’s sake”. They have been springing up on runway models as well as well as celebrities such as Colin Farrell and Johnny Depp.

Knit caps are also becoming a staple in many guys’ wardrobes. “They are great for when you want to go out and you don’t feel like doing your hair, and you can still look good in them while staying warm” said senior, Ken Lamkin, business major.

Trucker hats have topped the heads of both males and females, with various colors and sayings.

Caps are not the only dual functioning accessory this winter. Scarves are not only for keeping warm anymore.

With an endless amounts of texture, color, and length, a scarf can add the little something extra to your outfit even when you’re not wearing your coat.

With the cold weather it’s been hard to show off some fashions so the coat got a designer makeover this winter. DKNY made their down jackets puffier while Old Navy and the Gap focused on making them longer and in bolder colors such as white and red.

Knit sweaters are also becoming a comfortable way to make staying warm look good this winter. With vibrant colors, stores like Abercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle, and Express are making sure you look good while staying warm.

This season designers are made it easy for men and women to stay warm and still look good.