SGA making a rebound

Jamie DeLoma

The dust has settled, weeks have passed and a sharper image of the sheer magnitude of the recent Student Government Association resignations has been painted. Daniel Brown, assistant director of the student center and student leadership development, is the advisor to the Student Government Vice President of Public Relations, the public relations cabinet, and the senior cabinet. Brown said he “admires the organization for upholding its constitution.”

He said he “wants students to know the representatives are still there and working for them.” He said the “organization is working to move forward and is in a position to be working for the campus again.”

Brown has faith that the Student Government will move forward.

“Like any organization,” he said, “the SGA has encountered bumps in the road but managed to overcome them.”

Dennis Kisyk, Vice president of student concerns, is also confident that his organization will advance. He said that despite the new members “nothing has really changed” in the overall mission of the organization, which is “to conduct the business of the students.”

Kisyk does not see the chain of resignations as a scar to the organization but rather “it was it was. The important thing is that we are not losing focus of doing what is important.”

Kerstin Soderlund, Director of the Student Center and Student Leadership Development, is the advisor to the President of SGA, Vice President of Student Concerns, Vice President of Finance and Finance Committee is optimistic about the Student Government Association. She said the new people involved in the Student Government gives the organization a “fresh perspective and lots of enthusiasm.”

She said when people are removed from an organization , disturbances are bound to occur but the “new members of the SGA are helping to move the organization forward.”

New members of the organization are already working with the special appeals and on the Students Awareness Committee.

Soderlund said it is worth remembering that all organizations go through periods. She said that there are always going to be years where there are more special elections than others.

Soderlund said the SGA continues to work on what they what they have been all year, on projects like a shuttle stop in front of the Bobcat Den and the update of the Bobcat Den.

She noted that information sessions for next year are this week and Student Government Elections are on March 3. She said that one new freshmen member of the organization already knows Robert’s Rules of Order. She said the new people are bringing new things to the organization.