Dobson’s debut disc worth a listen

Suzanne Conway

New artist Fefe Dobson’s sound could be described as a mix between Alanis Morissette’s rock and Gwen Stefani’s punk style. Her self-titled debut arrived in stores last December and her two released singles, “Take Me Away” and “Everything” have slowly been catching people’s ears and making them take a good listen.

A number of the tracks on her album are in your face, head-banging tunes that may make you want to run for the nearest moshpit. Track 1, “Stupid Little Love Song” and track 10, “Give It Up” are filled with hard, pounding electric guitar and tension- driven chords. In contrast are the softer, piano-filled songs found on track 9, “We Went For a Ride” and track 12 titled “8 X 10.”

Dobson hits a personal note with the eighth song, “Unforgiven.” Emotionally charged lyrics are heard over ripping drums for this song, which strikes a personal chord for the singer. During this song, she takes aim at the father who left her mother before she was born and then came in and out of her life for many years.

Junior Laurie Stolzman is a big fan of Dobson ever since she first heard the single “Take Me Away.”

“I just like the whole ‘rocker chick’ sound to her songs,” she said. “It’s good music if you’re angry but then again there are also songs on the CD that are more mellow like “Everything” which is my favorite one.”

While many fans sing Dobson’s praises, there are others who feel she could be more original. Quinnipiac sophomore Heather Yankus thought the music she heard was a girl punk band, rather than solo artist Dobson.

“I didn’t expect it to come from her. But then when I saw the video all she did was jump up and down like a rocker. I wasn’t really impressed,” she said.

Whether you think Dobson is an Avril Lavigne follower or see her as a unique new sound, the guitar and drum heavy tracks are sure to get you in the mood to release all your anger or just rock out in your room.