Germano proved himself wrong

Chris Kurker-Stewart

At the risk of reviving what is certainly a very sore and worn-out issue on this campus, I feel that I am only justified in pointing out a recent and painfully disappointing chain of events. No doubt everyone remembers Mr. Michael Germano’s ill-conceived campaign for Hamden Town Council, which even today mires this school in negative press attention. While I could go on for pages about the flaws, lack of pertinent knowledge, and general triviality of the whole affair, I shall restrain myself to pointing out a simple glaring contradiction that has come to light as of late.

When Mr. Germano began his sophomoric crusade for public elected office, he had but one campaign promise: improve Quinnipiac’s relationship with the town of Hamden as a whole. Under a platform that could be summed up as a primitive and absurdly sheltered cry of “Quinnipiac Rules!”, he and his boisterous team of woefully inexperienced roommates-turned-staff set forth into the community to preach to the populace.

Mr. Germano was rightfully convinced that he could make residents of Hamden understand that there is more to college students, most notably himself, than just drinking and partying. To this end, The Chronicle described Mr. Germano on Sept. 18 in a front-page feature as believing that “through his hard work, Hamden will start seeing Quinnipiac students as something more than wealthy kids who drive BMWs with their music blasting.”

Fast forward to Jan. 29: Mr. Germano is again on the front page. This time, however, it is not for his bid for town council. In fact, it is not for anything relating to his questionable political career. No, Mr. Germano made the news last week for allegedly, among other things, blasting his music. Is this not the exact stereotype he so grandly pledged to dispel just four months prior? Accordingly, Mr. Germano and his cohorts have been forced to resign their posts on SGA because of judicial action relating to a reported noise complaint.

Whatever the cause, it is with relief that I acknowledge Mr. Germano has only the mildly amusing SGA to resign from, and not from a governing body of consequence like the Hamden Town Council. One can only imagine the further embarrassment and negative attention that would have focused on Quinnipiac University.

Clearly, Mr. Germano is no better equipped than the rest of us to counter the loud drunken partier stereotype. Perhaps he didn’t have to go quite so far in affirming it, though.