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    Celebs influence QU

    Brad, Jennifer, Ashton, Britney, Justin. Even without last names many people know exactly who these names refer to.

    They are some of the most powerful singers and actors in the entertainment industry and there are millions of people who love to keep tabs on their every move.

    It is easier to be obsessed with celebrities than ever. The media, aided by the paparazzi, goes to great lengths to make sure there are always new juicy pictures and gossip about celebrities going around.

    In addition, posters, t-shirts, calendars and other forms of memorabilia can go for tons of money on eBay. No matter what, if it involves celebrities many people will eat it up.

    The American public has become so indulged with the idea of celebrities that we have managed to elevate them to royal status.

    “It’s the fact that they are regarded as higher in society then most people that gets me interested,” sophomore Meredith Roberts, a public relations major, said.

    People become so influential that Jennifer Aniston’s famous haircut was responsible for thousands of women who went to their hairdressers and requested the “Rachel layers”.

    For some, seeing their favorite celebrity endorse a product means they will go out and buy it.

    But why are so many people keen to spend their hard earned money and time on people they will probably never meet?

    A lot of this has to do with the mystery behind the scenes.

    “Celebrities live in what seems like a different world than everybody else, and I think people are fascinated with them because they want to live in that world,” Roberts said. “People buy what they have to be more like them to try to get into their world.”

    “I just love them,” sophomore Janice Lucia, a communications major said. “They are all hot and live these fabulous lives that I would do anything to have,” Lucia said.

    “They get the best clothes, cars, and houses, plus they get to travel all over the world and make tons of money for an awesome job. Who doesn’t want that?”

    Many students admitted to fantasizing about being with a famous person.

    Students were asked if they were at a party and saw their favorite celebrity and had a chance to sleep with them, knowing that they would never see them again would they do it.

    Eight out of ten students said they would without question.

    “I would totally do it; I mean if I saw Orlando Bloom at a party, I think I would do anything to get to him,” Lucia said, “I just think some people love to be close to famous people.”

    It almost seems that idolizing a celebrity is now not a mere hobby but a fashion statement.

    With t-shirts reading “I did Justin three times” and “My heart belongs to Ashton” becoming hot items at Urban Outfitters and showing celebrity devotion is the newest trend, and many people are following it.

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