Move over Boomer, QU belongs to the dogs

Amy Codagnone

Students who attend Quinnipiac University are all aware of the security which protects the campus on a daily basis. But, what most students do not know is that behind the scenes Quinnipiac’s own boarder collie has been working for the past few years chasing away flocks of pesky geese.

Dave Barger, assistant chief of Security, was head of a K9 unit for 18 years and found the boarder collie easy to train.

“This was something new for me,” Barger, who lives with the shy dog, named “Q”, said. “What else would you name a dog from Quinnipiac.”

The idea came from Bob Bisighini, senior associate director of Facilities . He had seen boarder collies used in cases like this in Facilities Magazine and thought it might be a good idea for Quinnipiac.

Boarder collies were originally bred in Scotland for the purpose of herding sheep. They are bred for their intelligence and are very obedient and responsive. “Q” is perfect for the job.

Matthew DiChiara, a student at Quinnipiac, has a boarder collie of his own.

“They’re great family dogs, very loyal and very intelligent,” DiChiara said.

He went on to say these energetic dogs need tons of exercise which makes chasing geese a great job for a boarder collie.

Like the rest of the universities employees, “Q” shows up daily for work. He spends his day with his owner and is let loose on flocks of geese.

Most students on campus are unaware that Quinnipiac has a dog on campus, but think the idea is very creative.

“I didn’t know we had a dog. I’ve never seen “Q” around campus,” freshman Lisa Sacco said. “But I’ve also never seen any geese either.”